Miscarriage Prevention  

When a woman’s pregnancy is confirmed, it is perhaps the happiest day in her life. But not all pregnant women go on to complete their pregnancies. Some women end up having a miscarriage. These miscarriages can occur due to several reasons, with chromosomal abnormality in the growing fetus being one of them. However, in several cases, doctors are unable to figure out the exact cause of the miscarriage. To ensure that a woman has a healthy pregnancy, many doctors advocate miscarriage prevention measures that can reduce the possibility of having a miscarriage.

Miscarriage prevention begins even before a woman gets pregnant. A healthy woman is less likely to have a miscarriage. Therefore, if a woman is planning on getting pregnant, she should ensure that she eats healthily, gets adequate exercise, maintains healthy weight, learns techniques to manage her stress levels, and takes daily supplements of folic acid.

Once the woman gets pregnant, there are other steps that she should take to prevent a miscarriage. These steps include refraining from consuming alcohol; giving up smoking and not being in the presence of secondhand smoke; refrain from using illicit drugs; stop drinking caffeinated drinks and beverages; avoid rigorous sporting activities; not undergoing frequent X-rays; using just those medications that are prescribed by the doctor.

If a miscarriage occurs due to a genetic abnormality in the fetus, it cannot be prevented. However, there are some other conditions that can result in a miscarriage, and these conditions can be treated. If these conditions are treated, miscarriage can be prevented. For instance, if a woman suffers from deficiency of progesterone, it could result in a miscarriage. Progesterone is required to maintain the pregnancy. Hence, such women, especially those who suffer from repeated miscarriages, can take supplements of progesterone to avoid miscarriage.

There are some infections and diseases that can result in miscarriages. Hence, if a woman has an infection or a disease like diabetes or cardiovascular disease, she should immediately consult her doctor for appropriate treatment measures. This can ensure a healthy and normal pregnancy and reduce the possibility of a miscarriage.

At times, it has been seen that the uterus is not properly shaped and thus it is not conducive for implantation of the fetus. As a result the woman may experience miscarriages regularly. Fortunately, even this problem can be corrected with the help of a surgery. Even women with weak cervixes have hopes of having a full-term pregnancy because of modern science. Doctors suture the cervix to prevent miscarriages and thereby ensuring that the woman continues with the pregnancy.

All these miscarriage prevention guidelines help a woman have a healthy and normal pregnancy. If a woman is worried about miscarrying, she should get in touch with her obstetrician and find out what measures she can take to prevent a miscarriage. Thereafter, she should ensure that she follows those doctor-prescribed guidelines diligently.

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