What Does Miscarriage Tissue Look Like ?  

When a woman gets pregnant, there could be slight vaginal spotting. However, this might result in the woman worrying that she is having a miscarriage. Ironically, even in miscarriage spotting can occur. So, a woman’s reason for worrying is not unfounded. However, in order to be certain that she is having a miscarriage, it is important that a woman known what miscarriage tissue looks like.

If the miscarriage occurs in the initial weeks of the pregnancy, the tissue may not be discernible. The woman will experience bleeding that is similar to menstrual period, only it will be heavy bleeding. She may also pass out small clots of blood. However, if the miscarriage ours after 4 to 5 weeks of pregnancy, the woman will be able to identify miscarriage tissue. The miscarriage tissue will appear in the form a small gestational sac, which will be transparent in nature. There could also be a small placenta visible at the edge of the sac.

On the other hand, if the miscarriage occurs after 6 weeks of pregnancy, the woman will pass out a developing fetus. However, the fetus will be small in size, no bigger than an orange. The miscarriage tissue could also be the size of a pea. The size of the miscarriage tissue depends on how far the pregnancy has progressed and when the fetus stopped growing in the uterus.

Regardless of the way the miscarriage tissue looks, it is important for a woman to immediately visit her obstetrician. This is especially true in the latter half of the first trimester. The doctor will conduct a pelvic examination to ensure that all the miscarriage tissue has been eliminated from the uterus. If there is a small doubt of the tissue still remaining in the uterus, the doctor will perform a dilation and curettage to get rid of the remnants. It is also important to take the tissue that is expelled from the uterus to the doctor. This will allow the doctor to figure out the cause of the miscarriage.

Just because a woman miscarries, it does not mean that she will be unable to have a healthy baby. Many women go on to have healthy pregnancies and deliver healthy babies. Invariably, miscarriages occur because there is a genetic abnormality in the fetus and it is the body’s way of rejecting the abnormally developing fetus. So, usually miscarriage is a one time occurrence for most women.

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