Can Molar Pregnancy Happen More Then Once ?  

One to two percent of the women, who have suffered from molar pregnancy once, may get another one in future. So, if you are wondering whether a molar pregnancy can happen more than once, the answer is yes. However, such an occurrence is quite rare.


Nonetheless, if a woman has had a previous molar pregnancy, in the woman’s next pregnancy, the doctor may, therefore, want to go through the earlier hCG blood tests and ultrasounds to avoid another molar pregnancy. There are no definite symptoms of molar pregnancy other than the patient having enlarged ovaries, early pre-eclampsia and higher than the normal hCG levels. Nausea, bleeding from the vagina, and bulging in the abdominal region are also caused in molar pregnancies but these symptoms are common in regular pregnancies as well as typical miscarriages.

If the doctor is unable to detect the heartbeat of the fetus by the twelfth week, there might be a possibility of it being a molar pregnancy. However, this is a symptom for miscarriages also. To confirm this, the practitioner advises an ultrasound that will reveal an abnormal placenta that looks like a cluster of grapes. Few molar pregnancies miscarry without interference. However, if detected doctors usually recommend doing a D&C or start medication to reduce further risk or complications. 

Sometimes this type of pregnancy may appear in twin conception that is along with a viable pregnancy a hydatidiform mole is present. It is best to terminate such a pregnancy as otherwise it ends up posing serious risk to the health of the mother due to sixty percent possibility of developing insistent GTD.

Doctors suggest that women having molar pregnancies need to be monitored continuously for many months on a weekly or monthly basis. hCG blood tests are to be regularly done as any unmonitored increase or decrease in the hCG level, it can lead to persistent be GTD. After 3 consecutive hCG test showing negative results, the women is considered out of danger. Most physicians are less hostile to monitoring women having partial molar pregnancies

The waiting period before the next pregnancy varies from women to women though doctors advise a minimum wait period of 6 months gap between the molar pregnancy and the new pregnancy. The new pregnancy will raise the level of hCG and as a result it gets difficult for the doctor to identify the new pregnancy from a cancerous gestational trophoblastic disease. Treatment of these choriocarcinoma or invasive moles involves chemotherapy. Therefore, consult your doctor before planning the next delivery.

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