Overexertion And Miscarriage

          Overexertion can increase the risks of miscarriage, especially in first trimester.
 Pregnant woman should take a good care of herself. When you feel possible sign of tiredness from your body, it is important to heed this sign and rest.


            Although overexertion may increase potential risks of miscarriage, gentle exercise will help you maintain your weight and make you feel better by elevating your mood. However, if you have a history of medical problems or complicated pregnancy, you may want to consult your healthcare professional before start exercising. If you can exercise, your exercise should not cause pain, shortness of breath or overexertion. When you feel comfortable about your exercise, you can increase the intensity level. However, it needs to be a slow process, and it should never make you feel too tired. Your exercise should never put pressure on your back, and you should never have to lie on your stomach. Stationary cycling and swimming are two of the most recommended exercises. Walking and low-impact aerobics are also acceptable. Vigorous sports and exercise that may increase risk of falls or injury should be avoided.    


            Here are symptoms of overexertion. If you experience these symptoms, you should take a rest and tell you doctor about.

- Shortness of breath

- Chest pain

- Dizziness

- Blood or fluid from your vagina

- Dim or blurry vision

Overexertion And Miscarriage


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Healthy Pregnancy And Miscarriage

Healthy Pregnancy And Miscarriage

      One in five pregnancies in the United States ends in a miscarriage. That is why when a woman gets pregnant after a miscarriage, she is filled with excitement as well as fear wondering whether she would be given a new chance she had hoped for after losing the earlier baby. Usually, if you are going through the same feeling of fear and guilt, there is nothing much that can be done to allay your fears but you can do a few things yourself to feel better in the days to come.





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