Speeding Up Your Computer Tips  

       Whether you bought a slow computer or a fast one, a thing to remember is that after using it for something, it is quite normal for a computer to slow down. The more you use it and the more you save on it, the slower it is going to get. However there are ways of speeding up your computer.More...

Advice And Tips On Purchasing A Computer

Advice And Tips On Purchasing A Computer

I wish I had the benefit of getting advice and tips before purchasing my computer. How many of us have said this when our computers have crashed a few weeks after purchasing them. Well, lucky you! Here is a list of advice and tips on purchasing a computer and you will definitely benefit from reading them. More...


How Computer Jump Drives Work ?

How Computer Jump Drives Work

A computer jump drive is also known as the Universal Serial Port (USB) flash drive. It is known by other different names depending on the make and manufacturer. It consists of an encased circuit board possessing a memory chip and a USB connector on one side. It is connected to the USB port of a computer. Thus, it serves as an ideal device to quickly transfer data and other information to and from a computer.More...


How Do I Save Youtube Videos On My Computer ?

How Do I Save Youtube Videos On My Computer

Youtube is the most famous video sharing website worldwide today.  It allows users to store and upload videos of all sorts onto the website, including clips from movies. YouTube was created by three employees of PayPal. They were Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. While Hurley was a student of Indiana University, Pennsylvania, the others were students at University of Illinois. It was acquired by Google in October 2006.More...


How To Transfer Music From Computer To Mp3 Player ?

How To Transfer Music From Computer To Mp3 Player

MP3 players are very common today and have replaced the earlier portable devices that were used to listen to music, such as the Walkman or the Discman. To enable music transfer between the computer and the MP3 players, modern multimedia computers have the USB port attached.More...


Watch Tv On The Computer

Watch Tv On The Computer

The computer has become an indispensable part of our modern lifestyles. We are always on the move and always glued to the internet. Hence, we prefer to get the daily news on the internet and would also like to watch television on the computer itself.More...





Where-Can-I-Find-Tips-On-Computer-Games      When computer games first came out, they took the world by storm. It did not matter that the graphics were poor and blurred but every gaming enthusiast wanted to try his hand at the latest fad. And as computer and graphics technology improved, so also the quality of computer games. Today computer games are widely played all over the world and people are quite serious about this pastime and hobby. More..




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