What Is A Computer Virus ?   

       A computer virus is not a myth. You can get a computer virus if you surf the Internet, open email attachments or use an infected floppy disk.
        But what is a computer virus? A computer virus is a program that attaches itself to the operating system of a computer. The codes in the program manage to take control of the operating system telling it what to do. More...


Computer Viruses And Antidotes

Computer Viruses And Antidotes

With the advent of Internet, we have also seen an increase in risks and threats like computer viruses. If you check any website on computer viruses, you will find that the definition of a virus is more or less the same on each site. And why shouldn't it be. After all a computer virus is nothing but a computer code that can multiply on its own and once it enters your computer, it can wreak havoc. Just like a virus that enters into our body. More...


How Can I Remove A Trojan Virus From My Computer ?

How Can I Remove A Trojan Virus From My Computer

A Trojan virus is a computer virus that can cause a lot of damage to your computer because it has the ability to delete important files. This virus is popularly called a Trojan Horse because it basically tricks a computer user into believing that it is a genuine software. This makes the user download it onto his computer only to learn later that it was actually a virus. More...


How To Eliminate Computer Virus For Free

How To Eliminate Computer Virus For Free

Having a computer and Internet connection these days mean being open to computer virus attacks. Your computer can easily get infected by a computer virus by opening an infected email or email attachment, downloading a software from the Internet or even by just surfing the Internet. More...




Steps-To-Remove-Virus-From-Computer      Many computer users think that just by running an ordinary scan they can remove all the viruses from their computer. However, there are steps to remove virus from computer. Only if you follow the steps can you be sure that all the infections have been removed from your system. More..




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