Software To Check Computer Hardware  

The functioning of computer hardware can be monitored by software. There are several software packages that can be installed in the system to carry out this activity. You can download them from internet sites to check system hardware performance.

Here is a look at some hardware monitoring software applications or diagnostic utilities that you can consider for downloading:

  • HWiNFO -- This is a professional hardware diagnostic tool that collects maximum information on the system hardware performance. It checks system’s features such as thermal, voltage, fan, and power. It offers reports on system health in various report formats which can be used by manufacturers, integrators and also experts.
  • Apple Hardware Test -- This is a diagnostic software tool that can be installed on Macintosh systems. It checks the functioning of components such as RAM, memory, logic board and Apple's AirPort card.
  • HWMonitor -- This application checks various PC features such as fan speed, temperature, voltage and displays alerts any parts is not functioning properly. It can work with the usual ITE IT87 series sensor chip and Winbond ICs.
  • Open Hardware Monitor -- This is open source software that can work with hardware chips generally used in systems today such as ITE, Winbond and Fintek. It monitors system health by checking features such as fan speed, voltage, clock speed, and temperature sensors and so on.
  • Test My Hardware -- This software application checks various system components, such as the operating system, motherboard and BIOS, and displays system configuration information that can be used to understand details about system health.

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Software To Check Computer Hardware




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