What Parts Of The Computer Is Considered Hardware ?  

A personal computer is made up of several hardware parts. Each hardware part comes with its own functionality which when put together forms the entire computer system.

Here is a look at the parts that are considered as hardware:

  • Motherboard -- This is a large rectangular board that includes the CPU, Chip Set, RAM, BIOS, Internal Buses and External Bus Controllers. All the components are connected. Connections from external devices can be made through ports or expansion slots.
  • Power Supply -- This component provides power supply to the system. Systems use the Switch Mode Power Supply Units and they provide power through +12, -12, +5, -5 and 3 DC volts.
  • Media Devices -- These include removable media devices such as floppy drives, HD DVD drives, CD, DVD, USB flash drive and tape drives. These devices can be used to store information and transfer information from one device to another.
  • Sound Card -- This device sends sound output to other devices and also accepts sound input through the microphone. Sound cards are added or built-in the system.
  • Input Device -- These are devices through which information is input into the system. Such devices include mouse, keyboard, gaming devices such as joystick, gamepad, and game controller. Image input devices such as scanner and webcam, and audio input devices such as microphone.
  • Video Display Controller -- This provides output to the monitor and it is either built into the motherboard or is attached to a slot like a card.

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What Parts Of The Computer Is Considered Hardware




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