How Do I Block And Unblock Internet Sites ?  

The ability to block or unlock internet sites is very important permission that should be given to every possible user. This is because by doing so one cane easily maintain their privacy as well as security. This whole procedure can be done directly with the help of the inbuilt software present with the browser.

Given below are some of the ways that can help one either lock or unblock the internet sites on internet explorer as it is the browser that is widely used and comes by default:

  • The first step of this procedure includes gathering of the required information which includes the entire list of all the websites that needs to be blocked. In case one has children then they should be very particular about the appropriateness of the things that should be viewed by them and which should not. Being aware about the chat rooms and other similar areas is also very important.
  • There is tab which is known as content tab that after clicking presents a set of different options that can be selected. ‘Parental controls’ is one such option that if selected either blocks or unblocks the internet sites as well as their content.
  • Once this parental controls section is being reached by people, the user account needs to be clicked on which includes the details of the person that one wants to unblock or block the content or the sites for. This option takes one to the parental control panels that are required for that account.
  • After reaching this stage, one needs to check out the on force current settings that are mentioned on the parental controls as these are some of the blocking features that such people should be aware of.

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How Do I Block And Unblock Internet Sites ?




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