How To Erase Internet History On A Computer ?  

Internet history is quite an interesting tool as it provides complete information of everything that has been accessed over the internet in previous times. It contains the complete list of all the websites that have been visited recently. This data remains in history section for 20 days but one can delete the data if one wishes to.

There are certain steps that need to be followed by people in order to erase internet history on computer. Given below is a list that mentions all such steps:

  • The very first step towards clearing the history includes opening the web browser by double clicking the icon.
  • In order to go to history section, one must click on the ‘Tool’ menu that us available on the web browser and is located on the top left side of the screen or the menu bar. A list appears which is in a column format.
  • Then after this, one needs to click on the internet options from the given list of options. People using the Internet Explorer 7 must click on the ‘Delete Browsing History’ option which is available there. In both the cases, a dialog box appears.
  • Else people may also try going to the ‘Browsing History’ option available in the same bar and then click on the delete button. This will open up the list of options for deletion.
  • ‘Delete History’ option can also be clicked in order to clear out the history or the list of websites visited recently. A dialog box appears which asks the user for the final time whether they really want to delete their history and in case one approves the option, the history is deleted finally.

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How To Erase Internet History On A Computer ?




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