Internet Crime And Statistics  

Internet crimes are increasing at a very rapid rate and the advancement in technology along with the internet education have made people know more about its usage and there are people who can very easily misuse such resources, in fact many of them actually do such things. As far as the internet crimes and statistics are concerned, there are several facts and figures that would make people realize the seriousness of such issues that should be taken care of by every person to serve as a vigilant citizen.

A large number of people seem to fall victims of such internet crimes that include several kinds of things within its range but the thing that is common among all is its horrifying nature that is consistent with all such problems. Given below are certain important figures to bring out the actual impact of such issues that are prevailing within the society:

  • It has been found out that almost 71 percent of the teen girls as well as 67 percent of the boys have been observed reporting that any sort of sexually suggestive form of content that they send or post over internet is intended for their boyfriend or girlfriends.
  • Around 22 percent of girls have accepted the fact that they have uploaded their semi nude or nude pictures and videos over internet.
  • 70 percent of the children belonging to the age groups between 7 to 18 years have been observed encountering online pornography.
  • 20 percent of the teenagers at some or the other point of time has been a victim of superfluous sexual solicitation.

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Internet Crime And Statistics




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