Internet Education Advantage And Disadvantage  

Internet which seems to be one of the most brilliant innovations in the field of technology and communication can sometimes proves dangerous as well. But then anything that exists in this world has some of its pros and cons; it is totally a personal decision how people cater to such things.

As far as internet is concerned, it has become a vital part of everyone’s life and thus looking at its growing awareness as well as demand in the society, people are trying harder to educate themselves regarding all the associated aspects. The best advisable step towards making out any conclusion whether internet education is harmful or beneficial, one must first of all analyze all its advantages as well as disadvantages.

Talking of the advantages first, it has proved itself as the best communication tool available in the modern times. Its results are beyond expectations and it is perhaps the fastest technique available for the exchange of any sort of information. Email, chats, and various similar facilities enable people get in touch with each other within a fraction of seconds which seems to be amazing. Apart from this, it is also highly informative and provides information on all kinds of topics. Entertainment, e-commerce, and online services like online banking, shopping, and job seeking are some of the other advantages that people chose internet for.

But internet has several drawbacks as well and some of the major issues that have been always there include spamming, theft of personal data and information, virus threats, and pornography. Internet is capable of bringing about huge destruction as well as it can bring extreme progress to people. The whole thing depends how people use it and for what purpose do they use it.

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Internet Education Advantage And Disadvantage




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