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GIF refers to the Graphics Interchange Format which is actually a bitmap image format introduced long back in the year 1987 by CompuServe. It has now spread to all parts of the world due to its usage on the internet and because of the portability and wide support that it owns. The format is known to support up to 8 bits every pixel which then allows single image for referring to palette which is up to 256 various different colors. This format is also known to support the animations along with allowing separate palette of these 256 colors for every available frame.

Due to the fact that it has a color limitation, it seems to be unsuitable for the reproduction of color photographs and various other kinds of images that have continuous colors but then it is very well suited for the simpler images like the logos or graphics with solid areas of different colors.

GIF got so much popularity in light of the fact that it makes use of LZW data compression that appeared to be quite more efficient as compared to the run length encoding which was being used by several other formats such as MacPaint and PCX. The most original version of this Graphic Interchange Format was known as 87a. GIF was actually one of the very first 2 image formats that were most commonly used on several websites over the internet. Its feature of storing several different images together in one single file and further accompanied by the control data is something that is used extensively ion internet for producing simple animations.

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Most Original Internet Gifs




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