How To Add Your Web Site To A Search Engine ?  

Normally the best way to promote your website would be by placing it on search engines. This indirectly means that you are placing your website in the directory of websites. All you have to do is submit your website to the search engine so that it crawls for inclusion in the main indexed of sites.

There are several search engines that will actually help you to submit your main URL which will basically rule the market. You can make use of Google, Yahoo and Bing. These search engine websites actually rule nearly 90 percent of engine market share. There are many others, including AOL, Lycos, Netscape, HotBot and Alta Vista.

Firstly, open the web browser and simple log on to Next, just click “about Google” and search for “Submit your Content to Google”. There are two additional pop-ups that come which are For Site Owners. Just click Submit a URL in the following page. Next, type the entire address in the URL field and submit keywords or comments just to modify your page.

You have to then happily be rest assured that you website would now be noticed by many users who simply put in keywords for a particular information. Similarly check out the information on Yahoo or any other search engine website and complete the procedure. Most website owners would simply love Google for its widespread popularity and reach. If you are looking to place it on Bling all you have to do is selecting Explore and hitting Toolbox. You just have to submit your site to Bling in the end. The procedure is extremely easy provided you know about the particular search engine in detail.

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How To Add Your Web Site To A Search Engine ?




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