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Blogging is a great way to distress yourself and enjoy writing on topics that have always moved you. Beginners can decide on any topics that they want to. Ideally people select topics that move them to a great extent. They just want to express themselves and receive compliments as well as build in arguments too.

There is a list of topics that beginners can begin with. Also, if at any point you feel you are stuck, do get in touch with your friends and seek advice. Great blogging would take place only if you select topics that are great as well as evoke a response.

Some topics that that you can blog on are as follows:

  • How To Use Facebook
  • How Flickr Did It Right
  • How To Earn At Home
  • How To Parent Teenagers
  • How To Save Money With Frugal Ideas
  • How To Market Your Blog
  • Perfecting SEO and Online Advertising
  • How To Design An Eye Catching Website
  • How To Cook The Perfect Roast
  • The Best Personal Computer In The Market
  • The Stages Of Development Of A Baby
  • Stamp Collection
  • How To Collect Rare Coins

These are just few topics that you can select from. Do your bit of research before providing any information. Do not provide information or statistics without proper back up. Also, remember that people will read and comment on major topics so, the better if you select topics that do not fall under any racial issue. Blogging is only a way to encourage virtual debate over something serious. Sometimes fiction can be a great source to catch people’s attention.

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List Of Great Blogging




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