What Different Of Blogging And Podcasting ?  

It is advisable to learn the difference between social media and social networking in order to know the difference between podcasting and blogging. Social media on its front uses media tools such as audio and video to broadcast information whereas social networking sites act as an interface between people by establishing online connections with people they know and/or want to know. Most of the social networking websites today are merging both social networking and social media by displaying a blend of podcasting and blogging.

Blogs, usually maintained by individuals are an online collection of observations or experiences of events, or remarks on material and abstract issues or things. They usually contain information which is subjective rather than objective. Podcasting on the other hand, is a compressed audio file which is present online after being digitally formatted and is distributed through RSS feeds. The feeds of podcasts include what is known as an enclosure which the feeds of blogs do not. Podcasting too, is a way of sharing information like blogging but is limited to audio files. Both blogging and podcasting qualify as a means of social media as they broadcast information.

The difference between them is due to the way the information they broadcast is received. A blog is meant to be read whereas a podcast is meant to be listened. Blogs are available only on a computer while podcasts provide their services on an mp3 player, iPod, cell phone and obviously, internet. Though blogs use emoticons and smileys to clarify the sentiments behind a message; without a talent for writing they usually fail in areas of persuasiveness and personality. Podcasts on the other hand also service those who are unknown to the written word by expressing knowledge, irony, sense of humor and intelligence in the best way they are meant by their speaker.

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What Different Of Blogging And Podcasting ?




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