Domain Name Registration Terminology  

Though most of the people should be aware of the domain names as of now but there are several technical terms that might confuse these people. Domain name registration is the first step towards any procedure that makes use of domain names.

Given below is the domain name registration terminology that people should be aware of:

  • Domain name: It is the core thing that identifies every computer and the user using internet services. It is the actual address that is used by people for surfing any website over internet and it is unique as no two people can register the same domain name.
  • Registrant: It refers to the organization, entity, or the individual who owns or holds a specific domain name.
  • Registrar: It is an entity that works on behalf of the registrants regarding all the domain name registration processes or modifications.
  • Registry: It refers to the organization that is basically responsible for the administration or the maintenance of all top level domain databases. It is where the registrars create or modify the domain names for the registrants.
  • Administrative contacts: These are the people or the groups that represent registrants on matters related to their domain names.
  • DNS: It stands for the Domain Name System that is responsible for the translation of domain names into the IP numbers. It is generally a piece of translation software that allows computers as well as humans towards easy communication.
  • Domain Parking: It is basically a convenient a well as free way of holding or parking the domain names for the extended amounts of time if people are not ready for using their domain names.

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