Advantage And Disadvantage Of E Commerce  

Electronic commerce, or e-commerce, is one of the most popular business areas in the modern times. It refers to various business activities such as buying and selling of the products as well as services that are carried out on an electronic mode. It is done either through the internet or some other computer networks.

Though it started long back in the past, it has recently received the position that it holds currently. Several aspects of business like the transaction processing, internet marketing, supply chain management, and the inventory management have been under the process of improvement since the beginning of e-commerce. As far as the present status is concerned, it is amongst the top ranked businesses and it helps the customers as well. Given below is a list that mentions certain advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce:


  • The best part about e-commerce is the fact that it enables an individual reaching the global markets. It, thus, caters to the demands of national as well as international markets.
  • It provides various opportunities to the customers to look for some cheaper quality products.
  • It is known for the cutting down the overall costs associated with the various processes such as marketing, processing, customer care, inventory management, and information storage.


  • One of the major drawbacks of e-commerce includes the fact that it has not been able to reach out to a large section of people.
  • It is not even suitable for the perishable products such as the food items.

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Advantage And Disadvantage Of E Commerce




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