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E commerce has become an important tool for marketing and online sales. Today, e-commerce is a flourishing business in the IT sector over the internet and has thousands of sources and opportunities to establish business over internet. E-commerce can be helpful in estimating size and growth of business in coming years and can estimate the size and market segments targeted using e-commerce.

Statistical information on the increase of ecommerce and internet has become important in recent years and there are several sources providing the same. Statistical data for ecommerce and internet can provide the use of internet and its growth since inception, market growth and segments, online shopping future and growth. Using the data the organizations going for ecommerce can approximate the business and benefits of having an ecommerce site or expanding their current website.

The business growth over the internet is progressive since the inception of internet; in fact the use of internet has become a necessity today. The internet when was started in 1984 had one thousand devices, in 1992 had 1 million devices and in 2008 had 1 billion devices. The statistics shows the growth of selling products and services will increase with time, even the growth of business can be estimated over a period of time. The market can be targeted with proper planning and product ranges. Also, it is true that the amount of information on the internet is growing rapidly. More and more information is going to get incorporated on the internet in coming years. The ecommerce business has recorded high growth in the US, and is increasing rapidly. It is estimated that sales via the internet in the US has hit above $62 billion in the year 2007, an increase of twenty-six percent compared to the year 2006. E commerce has become an essential part of the US economy and is expected to grow every year. E commerce has become an essential tool in other parts of the world including Europe, Middle East and Asia.

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Global E Commerce Statistics




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History-Of-E-Commerce      Internet has grown rapidly in the past years and is estimated to grow at a more rapid pace in the coming years. Several organizations and business are taking advantage to flourish the business over the internet. Among all the businesses on the internet, online shopping is the most popular activity and has seen growth on the internet in the recent years. More..




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