How To Design E Commerce Site ?  

Ecommerce website can be created by outsourcing task to any web development company, freelancers or by yourself. Designing of an ecommerce website requires knowledge of few designing tools that are used to create website.

The basic guidelines to create a website are discussed below:

  • Before beginning the designing of ecommerce site study the different sites available on internet and definitely your favorite websites which think is best among others. The study of different websites will give you an insight how to make a good website that will provide efficacy to entire site.
  • In any website the home page is always an important section that makes the first impression on the visitors of the website. Ensure you design the home page of the website with more clarity and user-friendly that could impress easily the customers. A few necessary elements should be incorporated in the home page:
    • Try to highlight your brand identity, present the important elements like logo, company name and any slogan or punch line significantly.
    • Make sure a link saying “About Us” is available on the page, which when clicked will be directed to the “About Us” section to display information about your company like who you are, what your company offers and what you do.
    • Make navigation easier by keeping menu in the subsections of the website on every page.
    • A section should be kept in the website for putting up news, product promotions and announcements to make your customers aware of what is happening in your organization. This makes customers curious about the new happenings taking place and will encourage them to return back.
    • Most important section of the website is contact us page that should be incorporated on the website giving complete address details, contact information, email addresses, phone and fax numbers. Also incorporate your privacy policy, site map and business policy if any in the website which will give confidence to the customers.

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How To Design E Commerce Site ?




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