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Electronic commerce, which is most commonly known as the E commerce or generally e-business, involves the buying and selling of various products and services over some electronic system like the internet or any other computer network. The magnitude as well as the spread of this sort of a business has increased drastically and it being run and used by people throughout the world.

A large part of this business is generally conducted for virtual products. There are basically two kinds of electronic business which includes the B2B and the B2C businesses. While the former refers to business-to-business the latter refers to the business-to-customers.

The top ten E commerce websites that are being run all over the world are given below:

  • LoveToKnow Business: It provides information about almost every aspect that people look for.
  • Web Host Directory: It is a directory of various different web hosts that provide eCommerce solutions to people.
  • Apollo Hosting: This has been into this business since the year 1999 and deals with thousands of its clients.
  • Web Hosting Search: This enables people viewing as well as comparing the various E commerce hosting companies, check out their ratings and also go through the reviews posted about them.
  • Precision Web: It helps use the most popular web designing software.
  • Wikipedia: eCommerce: It is the most popular, interactive and the largest encyclopedias throughout the world offering detailed information about every possible thing.
  • Verio: It offers various hosting as well as easy to build online storefronts.
  • ValueWeb: It offers several tools to help people get their stores online and also keep their inventory updated.
  • Downtown Host: It has been rated the best by users in terms of the customer service, the prices, and the uptime.
  • Jazzy Host: It offers several affordable packages that attract large numbers of people.

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Top Ten E Commerce Websites




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