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Business email accounts are necessary today to run any business from small, medium to large businesses. Today, several companies offer business email accounts to run business efficiently without any trouble. Every business requires presence on internet for resolving various purposes and email is the most important needed to establish communication between clients, vendors, customers and within staff at distant locations.

Big companies can manage to pay for paid email services with having their own email servers. The cost may depend on the capacity of server and number of email ID’s required with per email cost. Small and medium companies may not afford paid services. These companies can opt for free email services available on the internet offered by different email sites. These free email services can be used to exchange email between the same or competitors email services.

The free email accounts can be created on various sites such as Yahoo, Windows Live (formerly Hotmail), AOL and Gmail (Google Mail). These email services offer a variety of features like filtering email to required folders, set up auto or vacation responders and import email from other accounts using POP3 mail. The email services offered by Google Gmail are the best in all freely available email services. It offers a wide variety of features and is flexible than any other email service. Free email creation in Gmail is allowed with few personal details required. Gmail can be used to create free business email like and if you own a domain name already like then Gmail ID can be masked in fact of revealing the fact that your business is using free email ID.

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Best Business Email Accounts




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