How Do I Create A Yahoo Email Address ?  

Creating a yahoo email account is very easy and does not consume much time. Yahoo email ID can be created in few simple steps and you do not need to be a tech-savvy to create an account on yahoo.

Follow the steps below to create a yahoo account.

  • Go to the Yahoo homepage or page and click on the link where it is written Sign Up. Once you click on the sign up link the page will be directed to create new account page. Fill in the details asked on the page. The form will gather basic information like username, name, address etc. Some fields on the page will be marked with “*” and says it is mandatory to provide information in these fields.
  • You will have to provide the username that would be used by you in email created. There will be a button on the text box that says ‘check’. Click on the check button a message will be displayed to you regarding the availability or unavailability of the username. Then enter the password in password and re-type password fields. The strength of the password is displayed adjacent to it. The password can be alphabetic, alphanumeric, combination of alphabets, numbers and symbols.
  • Enter the alternate email ID if you have. It could be useful in future references. Fill in the two security questions asked carefully because it may be required when you forget your password.
  • After filling up all the details the last field required to be filled is the Captcha box where an image with letters is displayed. The letters in the image has to be filled to confirm that you are human and not software that is creating fake email ID’s. Click on Create My Account button and your new email account will be created.

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How Do I Create A Yahoo Email Address ?




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