How Do I Set Up My Own Email Address ?  

Setting up an own email address is not that difficult as it seems to be. Most of the people have their own email ID’s created for free at various free email service providers. For setting up an own email address, you need a domain name. Most of the people do not know what a domain name is.

A domain is a web space created for you to run the website or email which may need a few dollars to register a domain name. A person can have his or her own domain name registered in their name. For example, every website uses domain name like Most of the people have misunderstanding about domain names.

  • People think that procuring domain names are very expensive.
  • People have a misunderstanding that they need to have a website for a domain to work.
  • The domain name registration process is very complex.

The domain name registration process is easy and the procurement of domain name is not that expensive. To acquire a domain name it is not necessary to have a website. You can create and use your own email in case you do not have a website. While registering the domain name you are asked to enter details. Let consider an example:

You have created a free email on say XYZ. Your name is John Digs. So the email created will be Suppose you switched to ABC so new ID will be Every time you change email ID your email address is changed. You register domain name with a firm called iPlanet so your domain name will be You can tell iPlanet to create Your own independent email address is created.

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How Do I Set Up My Own Email Address ?




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