History Of Online Shopping  

This decade has seen the wildest of times on the internet particularly, in the online shopping sector. E-commerce has come a long way and is still growing rapidly in spite of the security issues it is associated with, which are being taken care by the new technologies in online security.

When most of the businesses were trying to find their way out to bring their companies on the Internet, Amazon and eBay had already found their way to success by looking at old business models in a newer way. Ebay took the concept of rummage sale or garage sale and took it online which enabled millions of masses to bid for the used or overstocked products that were up on sale on their portal. Meanwhile, Amazon leapt ahead of the traditional bookstores by having almost every book that was printed in its miniscule shelf space. Although these pioneers of the online shopping industry have been through the thick and thin in their business, they still continue to go strong which only proves the credibility of their business plans and their vision.

The security issues on the internet while shopping online had brought the industry to crossroads as hackers began infiltrating several websites, scaring away many shoppers from shopping online due to the fear of misuse of their credit card information, which they had to disclose it during online transactions.

Today, even though the concerns regarding the security online still loom in online shoppers’ mind, the technological innovations and development in web encryption has encouraged the growth of online shopping to a great extent. Hopefully, the advancement in the security solutions online would help e-commerce retain or increase its momentum.

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History Of Online Shopping




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