How To Build An Online Shopping Cart ?  

Shopping cart earlier referred to trolleys and wagons used by people in huge supermarkets for the ease of moving the goods they are shopping to counters for billing and finally storing it in their cars. They became a popular term online with the increasing popularity of online shopping where it meant adding goods to your virtual cart.

On the internet, the shopping cart in more technical terms means a sequence of pages which are connected through programming languages, like JavaScript or PERL that permit data to be transmitted alongside the user as and when he shifts from one page to another. To the buyers adding goods to their shopping cart many seem an easy task but it takes a lot programming behind the scenes for it to seem simple in the front.

The software used to build shopping cart lets people shop online effortlessly. People can accumulate their choice of goods with a simple click and in the end it calculates their total bill along with transporting and packing charges and the related taxes. This software can be classified into two types: Licensed and Hosted. The licensed software can be downloaded and installed from the web and offers one-time free use. All a merchant needs a server which qualifies by meeting all requirements. Hosted service cannot be downloaded, it is provided by the hosted service supplier.

Few of these suppliers also charge more than the monthly cost in form of percentage addition to sales. With the help of predefined templates users can customize the way they want to look. There are a lot of software in the market which allow and assist in building shopping carts such as Santarém ecommerce, 24SevenCart, Absolute Shopping Cart, Avactis, AdVantShop.NET, Batavi, Bitcart, CartXpress, CARTZ Link, Crucial Solution, CS-Cart etc.

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How To Build An Online Shopping Cart ?




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