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With the advent of Internet, E commerce sites have been mushrooming and now many people are more comfortable doing their shopping online. In fact, online shopping in the retail sector generates about $146.4 billion, while the apparel sector owns a 10 percent share which is worth about $18.3 billion.

Due to the increased trend in online shopping, researchers are trying gauge online shopping statistics by the state. However, this has proven to be futile as the sheer number of people conducting business online runs into millions just in the US. Nonetheless, the US Department of Commerce has found that over half the populace in the country now has Internet connectivity and about thirty-nine percent of them prefer to shop online.

It was found that out of entire population of the US, about 143 million people use the Internet regularly and out of these about 55.8 million people used the Internet to buy services and/or goods online. The number of online shoppers is expected to increase tremendously in the coming years. Hence, even the online shopping statistics by the state will increase proportionately.

Through research it was found that majority of the online shoppers are aged between 25 years and 44 years, and people who have more money to spend tend to spend it more when shopping online. However, the research also revealed the lower income families were taking up Internet use more readily compared to higher income families. Also, people now prefer to do their banking using the Internet rather than going to the banks physically.

Giving a state wise statistics of online shopping will be difficult at the moment. But analysis and research is being done currently to get an indication as to which states have high online shoppers. This statistics will be beneficial for e-commerce stores and online stores as they will be able to focus on those states where people tend to shop more online.

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Online Shopping Statistics By State




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