Define Social Network Theory  

The social network theory observes social relations in the forms of nodes and bonds. Nodes represent the individual players constituting the networks and bonds are the relationships these players share between them. Though they have many kinds, a social network in its basic form is a diagrammatic record of all the bonds between the nodes that are being studied.

It is also helpful in the determination of the social assets a particular individual holds. Nodes are represented by points and bonds or ties by lines, in the pictorial form of the social network.

J. A. Barnes used this term for the first time in the year 1954 to symbolize blueprints of ties, encircling the concepts usually used by social scientists and the public.

The social network theory contradicts the existing traditional theories based on sociological study which say that in a network what matters are the individual characteristics of individual players. But the social network theory places more importance on the relationships the individuals share rather than their personal traits. This change in viewpoint has been the basis of many explanations from the real-world occurrences but its puts in the individual agency in doubt.

It studies either personal networks or whole networks. Personal networks refer to ties of only a few people. Complete or whole networks encompass all the bonds or ties which include only a specific segment of the entire population. It has been applied to understand the interaction methods between companies, connections and unions between employees working in various companies and casual relations linking executives. These networks prove to be a helpful way of gathering data, preventing competition and setting strategies and prices. It has advanced from an evocative symbol to a logical approach.

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Define Social Network Theory




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