Gas Oven Vs Electric Baking  

Oven is an essential part of our kitchen, especially for baking. There are generally two types of ovens, gas oven and electric oven. Both are characteristically very different from each other. Which type of oven should be used, depends on many things like the dish to be baked, baker liking for a baking method, price, liking for a particular brand, size and many other features of oven.

Basically baking is done with dry heat in the oven whereas other methods of cooking like frying, boiling, steaming, etc. require direct heat from electric coil or a flame of a stove. Let us see how baking in a gas oven is different from the baking in an electric oven.

While baking in a gas oven, the loss of moisture is less and the baked dish remains soft. On the other hand, the food baked in an electric oven loses its moisture and becomes dry. The second advantage of a gas oven is that we can bake the dish in case of power failure also. But it has some drawbacks also, for instance the food gets uneven heat, and if we open its door while baking, the temperature goes down. Retaining an even temperature is necessary for good baking.

The temperature in an electric oven remains even. The food may be dried up very much in some older electric ovens, but this problem can be resolved by keeping some water in a bowl in the oven. So the most important thing in an oven is maintaining the accurate temperature and distributing the heat evenly. An electric oven has many electric coils inside which makes it difficult to clean its bottom. But in some brands there is a self-cleaning system.

Some of the famous brands are Whirlpool, GE Appliances, Frigidaire, Viking, Maytag, Kitchen-aid, etc. Now considering all these features, you can choose an oven of your choice.

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Gas Oven Vs Electric Baking




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Gas Oven Vs Electric Baking )
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