Boil Chicken Before BBQ  

Chicken is anyone’s delight. But, it is very important to cook the chicken well so that one can enjoy it to the maximum without having the fear of falling sick or suffering from indigestion.

A perfectly grilled chicken can be cooked by choosing the right and correct method of cooking. A chicken needs to be boiled first, although it is the most conventional method of cooking. Thus, the chicken is sure to be fully cooked before it is grilled and layered with BBQ sauce. But the chicken prepared in this manner tends to lose its original taste, and is left with only the taste of the sauce.

Things like chicken have to be cooked on slow fire. The moisture is retained in chicken if cooked slowly. It can then be rubbed off that leaves it with a lot of flavor too. Otherwise, it has a tendency to get dried, that is if cooked fast. Point to be noted here is the sauce used for brushing has to be done just before removing the chicken from the grill to get the right flavor, and also the chicken would not get burnt due to the sugar level in the sauce.

To make sure that the chicken is cooked well insides also, hot water should be used for cooking them for a few minutes before they are placed on the grill. Thus, complete cooking is assured as well as getting the right flavor of the grilled chicken is achieved, but not before turning the chicken once during the cooking session where both the sides have to be grilled for about five minutes. 

Conventional or not, boiling the chicken before a BBQ does have its advantages and disadvantages.

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Boil Chicken Before Bbq




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