Can I Boil Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast ?  

A boneless and skinless chicken breast can be boiled provided some measures are taken before hand. There are methods that can be followed to get a juicy texture, which moisturizes the chicken breast and make it tender. A thermometer meant for meat would help a lot in this process.

Brining a boneless and skinless chicken breast can be done with four cups of water mixed with two tablespoons of sugar and three tablespoons of salt, or as desired. The sugar and salt have to get dissolved completely. The chicken breast has to be thawed and added further to the mixture and should be refrigerated, fully covered for an hour. It has to be then rinsed with cold water or running water before cooking, and then it can be seasoned with other ingredients for the betterment of flavor and taste.

Breasts that are frozen already can be brined in the above mentioned way and then added to the boneless and skinless pieces of breasts. They can be refrigerated over night, and then be cooked on the following day after rinsing with running water and being dried thoroughly.

Cooking in the microwave, if necessary, can be done by placing the thin side in the center of the dish with a quart and half of buttermilk poured over it, and herbs sprinkled. Cook for three minutes initially. After checking, it can be cooked for two more minutes, or if required, further three to five minutes with temperature set at 160 degree F.

A pressure cooker can do the job in 12 minutes initially and later 2 to 3 further minutes, if required.

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Can I Boil Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast




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Can I Boil Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast ? )
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