How Long Do You Boil Beets ?  

Beet is one of the richest vegetables of all the lot. It is one vegetable that is very good for blood with lots of iron and vitamins. Is there any other vegetable to match a beet? The time it takes to get cooked is also not much. It takes just around half an hour to boil beets until they are tender enough.

If the beets are cooked in a microwave, the water required to cook the beet is considerably less compared to conventional boiling. The time consumed is also half compared to when beets are boiled over a stove. To be more precise, it would take around fifteen minutes only to boil beets in a microwave. When the beets are cooked in an oven, they have to be washed, and then placed in a foil before baking them, just the same as what you would do with potatoes. It is the best way to retain the nutrients as well as the flavor that is very rich when seasoned with salt, pepper and topped with butter. If you have any doubts about the beet being cooked or not, use a fork to prick it. This will tell whether the beet is done.  

Boiling the beets make them watery. So, baking is always preferred. The beets that are of medium size can be boiled without being peeled first. These get cooked in forty five minutes approximately. If the beets are of small size, then it would take around forty minutes to boil and cook them. Large sized beets take an hour to get cooked properly when boiled.

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How Long Do You Boil Beets




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How Long Do You Boil Beets ? )
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