How Long Do You Boil Fresh Corn ?  

Fresh corn remains tender, sweet, and juicy with its flavor in tact when cooked fast. Therefore, you should ensure that the cooking time for fresh corn should be minimized by all means. Otherwise, the aroma and taste would be affected.

To retain the nutritive value of corn, like all other vegetables, it is best to steam it instead of boiling. It has been observed that corn loses its color when the nutrients are lost, and this will happen when fresh corn is boiled. The corn when boiled in a microwave requires very little water as compared to boiling conventionally. The time taken is just about four minutes per cob. To retain its bright color after boiling, the best way is plunging the cobs into cold water immediately after you remove the corn from the boiling water. This stops further cooking and helps the corn to retain its color.  

When boiling in a steamer, the water has to come to boiling point first, and then the corn can be boiled for five minutes or so. Corn does not become soggy and watery when boiled for minimum possible time.

The reason for shortening the cooking time as well as cooking the cobs immediately after they are plucked is related to the sugar content in the corn which later turns to starch. With the result, the corn no more remains sweet. No doubt, it is not just the cooking that is responsible for this. It also depends on the temperature and the climatic condition of the place. So, cooking the corn at the earliest for minimum three minutes time is the best way to preserve its sweetness. This ensures that the corn tastes delicious, and retains its aroma too.

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How Long Do You Boil Fresh Corn




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How Long Do You Boil Fresh Corn ? )
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