How Long Should You Boil Ribs Before Grilling ?  

Even though ribs is one of many favorite American dishes that is usually eaten grilled or barbecued, people always have a doubt about what is the correct way of cooking the ribs. Steakhouses in the US today, make it a point to have Ribs as their special item on the menu.

Cooking ribs needs utmost care, and all the attention, be it St. Louis style, spare ribs or baby back. Great care is taken while cooking ribs. Before grilling the ribs, some people prefer boiling them.

The ribs, if cooked in a cooker, need to be cut into pieces that could be served after they are grilled. It takes full ten hours to get them cooked in a cooker on a slow fire. But if the same is done in an oven, it would be somewhere around eight hours. In that case, the ribs need to be arranged in a pan and covered with foil before baking them at 225 degrees in an oven. It takes the same eight hours nearly when the ribs are cut and placed in an electric roaster at 200 degrees. It is not much different from that of a cooker.

Boiling the ribs is supposedly the easiest method of cooking, although they lack in flavor when boiled. Baby back ribs do not take as much time as spare ribs, and could be pricked with a fork to check whether the meat is tender and cooked. The ideal time for boiling ribs before grilling would depend on the method of boiling and the size of the ribs.

Usually ribs are boiled in a large pot containing chopped onions, garlic, celery and bay leaves. You can also add a little bit of seasoning or barbecue sauce. Once the water starts boiling, you should reduce the heat so that the ribs can simmer. Depending on the type of cut, ribs take around one hour to three hours to be cooked and tender. Thereafter, you can grill them but beware; it might not taste as nice as normally grilled ribs.

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How Long Should You Boil Ribs Before Grilling




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How Long Should You Boil Ribs Before Grilling ? )
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