How Long To Boil Pork Ribs ?  

The duration of boiling is quite a concern for people when it comes to boiling pork ribs. Pork ribs need to be boiled primarily to make them tender. If not boiled sufficiently, the ribs will be tough. Usually when boiling pork ribs, the method to check the tenderness of the meat is by pricking with a fork or a sharp object like a knife. If the fork or knife slides in with ease, the ribs are tender enough.

Also, the duration taken to boil pork ribs depends on their size. Small cuts of pork ribs would take only an hour to become tender, but larger pieces may take about three hours. The estimated time that pork ribs take to boil is about 50 minutes for around 6 pounds of pork ribs. Some people feel that one can also boil the pork ribs for some time, and then use other methods of cooking such as grilling, baking in the oven or even barbecuing. This makes an equally wonderful dish of pork ribs, and if one adds some vegetables or some seasoning or even sauces, it can just add more flavor to the dish.

In order to boil pork ribs, you need a large pot of water. Allow the water to start boiling and then drop the ribs one at a time into the water. Now turn down the heat and allow the ribs to cook for 10 minutes. After that, turn off the heat and allow the ribs to soak in the water for around 2 hours. This way the pork ribs will become tender and retain their flavor.

So, ideally pork ribs need to be boiled for a longer time only if no other method of cooking is being used later on. If you are using some other method of cooking after boiling, then you do not have to boil the ribs too long. And, if you are planning on grilling or barbecuing the ribs, you do not need to boil the ribs at all.

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How Long To Boil Pork Ribs




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How Long To Boil Pork Ribs ? )
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