Braising Corned Beef Receipes  

Braising Corned Beef Receipes

Beef is a very good choice for braising, especially cuts like shank, chuck roast, brisket, ribs and blade roast. One can make a variety of stuff by braising beef. Given below is one such recipe that shows you how to make braised corned beef.

The ingredients required to make this dish, which is called Braised Beef Rolls, are as follows:

2 pounds of short ribs which can also be substituted with London broil or flank steak rollsMore...


What Meat Is Best Suited For Braising ?

What Meat Is Best Suited For Braising

There are many techniques used for cooking meat like boiling, grilling, roasting and baking, among others. Braising is also one such method for cooking meat. Braising involves cooking cuts of meat in liquid. You can also use vegetables in this type of cooking.

People can use slow cookers for braising meat. This technique is primarily used on the inexpensive meat cuts. By this method one can extract the flavor as well as tenderness from the meat which may not be possible otherwise. More...



Books On Braising

Books On Braising

Braising is a method of cooking meat in liquid, where the meat is seared with some kind of sauce and then simmered on low fire. This enhances the flavor and taste of the meat.

One can refer to many recipe books to use different braising methods. One such book is All About Braising: The Art of Uncomplicated Cooking by Molly Stevens. This book contains 125 simple recipes of braising, including both meat and poultry. The recipes include ones which include oven top braising as well as stove top braising. More...





Sauce-For-Braising-Ribs      Braising is an age old method of cooking cuts of inexpensive meat. In this method, the meat is seared and then simmered on low fire to get the required taste and flavor. More..




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