Homemade Microwave Caramel Corn  

You can very easily made caramel corn at home in your microwave oven. Here is a recipe for your homemade caramel corn.

Ingredients you will require:
1 full cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup syrup of white corn, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, about 4 ounces butter or margarine, 3 - 4 quarts of popcorn.

Take a microwave safe bowl of 2 quarts size and mix all the above-mentioned ingredients excluding baking soda and popcorn. Place it in the microwave oven and set the oven on high. Let the ingredients cook for about 2 minutes. After boiling for two minutes, take it out and mix baking soda into it.

Next, take a brown paper bag and put all the pop-corns in the bag. Now, pour the sugar mixture on the popcorn. Seal the bag, roll it and shake it briskly. Then put the bag again in the oven and heat for one and half minutes on high. Again take out the bag and wobble it well. These last two steps should be repeated twice. Remember that the paper bag should not remain in the oven for more than the suggested time. Otherwise it would catch fire.

Lastly, put caramel corns on cookie papers and let them cool. When completely cooled, store up in an air-tight box. Thus you make delicious caramel corns at home. You can make it with peanuts also. You can add peanuts to the popcorn, or can make with peanuts only. The peanuts should be roasted.

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Homemade Microwave Caramel Corn




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Homemade Microwave Caramel Corn )
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