Steamer For Steaming Sandwiches  

Although steamed sandwich is quite popular in the US, many people are unaware of it. When steamed sandwich is uttered, immediately you would conjure up a soggy sandwich that is cold and inedible. However, this is not the case. In fact, steamed sandwich are delicious.

Steamed sandwich is made from meat and cheese. It is the meat that is usually steamed first. Then the entire sandwich is inserted into a special steamer and served piping hot. The steaming process ensures that the sandwich is not soggy. Usually any meat and cheese combination can be used to make a steamed sandwich, but the most common and popular ones are roast beef and cheddar cheese, corned beef and smoked cheddar cheese, and turkey with smoke cheddar cheese. Usually this type of sandwich does not contain any lettuce, tomato or garnishes generally found in other sandwiches. The sandwich is seasoned with mustard and mayonnaise.

The uniqueness of this sandwich is that the meat is cut into extremely thin and fine slices, so that it melts in the mouth effortlessly.

Generally a steamer for steaming sandwiches consists of a simple aluminum box that has pit for hot distilled water. There is a manual lever that controls the steam, which rises into the cooking chamber of the steamer where the sandwich is placed on top a steel plate. As the lever is pumped, there is a whistling-like sound from the emerging steam.

The most popular make of steamer for steaming sandwiches is the Lincoln Fresh-O-Matic. However, there are other brands too. If the steamer is used properly, you can be sure that the resultant sandwich will not be soggy.

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Steamer For Steaming Sandwiches




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Steamer For Steaming Sandwiches )
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