Why Does Coffee Effect The Growth Of Plants ?  

Coffee is consumed worldwide as it is a stimulant that keeps our mind active, refreshed and energized. Coffee grinds are used to have a positive effect on plants while processed coffee has some chemical properties that affect its growth. Some coffee mixes contain sugar that results in stunted growth.

Coffee grind acts as a natural fertilizer as it contains nitrogen, one of the primary soil nutrients. Coffee is also a natural insect repellant. The acid content in the coffee raises the pH levels in the soil. However, if the acidic content is too high, the plant growth is affected. In order to balance this, you can mix dead leaves, crushed egg shells and other alkaline materials in the soil.

Potting soil is the most preferred type of soil for effective plant growth as it is loose and moist. However, it may be expensive for some gardeners depending upon their garden area. Hence, if ordinary soil is used, coffee grinds can be mixed to compensate the missing nutrients of the soil to enhance nourishment. Coffee grinds provide good aeration as they prevent soil from sticking to each other giving enough space for air to pass through to be absorbed by roots. You can rake the soil and use a small spade to mix coffee grinds along with your garden soil while creating your soil bed.

Earthworms’ secretions are rich in certain minerals that are vital for the soil. Hence, a well-aerated soil mixed with dead leaves and coffee grinds provides nitrogen which helps in the thriving of earthworms. You should also be careful about which coffee grinds you mix up. For example, espresso grinds clog and harden the soil preventing with the drainage of excess water.

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Why Does Coffee Effect The Growth Of Plants





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