What Is Cappuccino ?  

Cappuccino is one of the most preferred beverages the world over. It originated in Italy and was consumed right after breakfast. The word cappuccino is believed to have been derived from the color of the robes worn by Capuchin monks.

The popularity of cappuccinos rose during Second World War and spread all over Europe. It later found its way into American households. There have been constant variations to the beverage ever since. These days, you get different flavored cappuccinos like orange, mint, chocolate, etc.

However, the original cappuccino is made up of equal quantities of strong espresso and steamed milk. A ceramic cup is generally used because of its good heat insulating properties preventing the beverage from cooling down quickly. Espresso is firstly poured into the cup followed by steamed milk which is swirled to give a beautiful appearance. It is finally topped with foamy milk giving it a delicious frothy look. The amount of milk foam added varies according to the person’s choice, the skill of the barista and the country you are living in.

A highly skilled barista will be able to prepare the perfect mix of cappuccino which provides an equal taste of coffee and milk each time a person takes a sip providing a perfectly balanced beverage.

A few people like this drink sprinkled with chocolate curls, nutmeg powder, cinnamon or even cocoa. A chilled version of cappuccino is also available. This is called cappuccino fredo where chilled milk is use instead of steamed milk. You also have wet and dry cappuccinos to choose from. These have varying quantities of milk froth and steamed milk.

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What Is Cappuccino





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