What Is A Latte ?  

Latte originated in Italy but has become extremely popular the world over. Latte in Italian means “milk”. Café latte on the other hand is a combination of milk and coffee. However, these days, Americans have shortened cafe lattes into simple “lattes”, which automatically means a combination of milk and coffee in America and other English speaking countries.

You get hot and cold lattes these days. In Italy, however, latte is predominantly a drink meant to be consumed right after breakfast. These days, lattes are consumed at any time of the day. Latte is a combination of espresso, steamed milk and milk foam in varying proportions. The foamy layer is a lot lesser than the milky layer.

Coffee houses are incomplete without lattes, cappuccinos and macchiato. You get differently flavored lattes these days. You can choose from vanilla to chocolate lattes depending on your personal preference. The latest additions to these beverages seem to be the famous ghetto lattes. Here, the customer is provided with two to there shots of espresso over ice. The customer can add cream, water, sugar and other flavorings according to his preferences and drink. This provides a lot of flexibility to the customer in terms of what ingredients he wishes to add and what he does not. These are extremely economical too unlike conventional lattes.

You can prepare lattes at home. All you need is an espresso machine, some milk, a whisker to get the desired froth and flavorings if any. The secret to a perfectly prepared homemade latte is to pour milk followed by espresso and not the other way round.

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What Is A Latte





Cafe Latte History      Café lattes are an American innovation. The word latte in Italian means milk. The word café latte, therefore, means coffee with milk in Italy. This is unlike lattes found in English speaking countries like United States and United Kingdom where lattes automatically mean coffee and milk combined. In Portuguese, these drinks are called café com leite, while in France they are called café au lait. The Spanish drinks on the other hand are called café con leche. More..




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