History Of Apple Juice  

On being enrolled in a school, most infants begin their vocabulary with the word ‘apple’, phonetically symbolizing the letter ‘A’. In fact, one the most common idioms linked to any fruit is the one stating, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away".

This fruit is famous through out the world for not only its flavor but for its high nutritional worth. There are very few people who do not enjoy eating this fruit, irrespective of the age. This delicious fruit hailing from Asia was recognized as a wonder fruit in olden times. The history of the apple can be traced back to approximately 10,000 years from now. However, in those days, this fruit was a real delicacy that could be enjoyed only by the royal gentry. Apples were relished by members of the royalty and court for its juicy and sweet flavor. The fruit was also utilized to make scrumptious desserts.

Apart from being eaten as a fruit or in the form of desserts; this fruit is also enjoyed in the form of a beverage. Of all the fruit juices, apple juice is one of the most loved fruit juices across the globe with China leading in its world production. Poland, Germany and the United States are some of the other nations involved in the manufacturing of apple juice. The filtered and pasteurized form of the juice devoid of sugar and pectin content forms apple juice, whereas the unprocessed variant is referred to as apple cider. Decades back, these beverages were extracted in apple presses by crushing the fruit with a hand crank. In recent years, this procedure has been taken over by electric and hydraulic equipments that make the technique easier and faster.

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History Of Apple Juice




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