How To Make Cider From Apple Juice ?  

The first thing that is required to prepare apple cider is apple juice. This base ingredient could either be procured from the market or prepared by oneself. If one is opting for the first choice, then there are a few aspects that need to be kept in mind while buying apple juice.

With the objective of preparing apple cider, always buy apple juice that is devoid of preservatives. Still better would be to procure the same from an apple orchard. If you desire to prepare the apple juice yourself, then either make use of a normal juicer or buy even better equipment that helps in extracting the juice conveniently. Remember to take tart and sweet apples in the ratio of 2:1 for dry cider and visa versa for the sweet variant. In order to ferment the juice, pour it in a glass or wooden container filling up the same till the top.

The gravity of the drink can be checked before the fermentation process, to ensure the extent of the alcoholic content in the drink thus prepared. The general rule says that the higher the gravity, the more alcoholic the drink. The ideal gravity ranges between 1.050 and 1.080. Those who have procured the juice from the market would need to add a vial of champagne yeast to the containers prior to sealing the same. The containers should be stored for fermentation in a shady place with temperatures between 40 and 60 degrees. The ceasing of bubbling is a signal indicating that the cider is ready to be bottled. Once the beverage is ready, bottle the apple cider using sterile tubing.

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How To Make Cider From Apple Juice




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