How Much Acid Is In Soft Drinks ?  

While people in general only shun soft drinks owing to the fear of weight gain, thanks to the high level of sugar in them; there is another health concern which many may be unaware of. Several studies demonstrate the adverse effects of soft drinks on teeth enamel. The acid content present in these soft drinks is believed to the culprit.

Astonishingly, some of the soft drinks are believed to be as lethal to the enamel of one’s teeth as battery acid! As per research conducted at Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), long term exposure to these soft drinks can corrode the dental enamel owing to the presence of citric acid or phosphoric acid, thereby damaging the teeth.

During the study, the acidity or pH level of twenty commercial soft drinks was analyzed. Some of the soft drinks included were Coke, Pepsi, and 7 Up along with their diet forms. Slices of enamel derived from currently extracted teeth were weighed and thereafter immersed in these drinks for a span of 2 days. The loss of enamel caused due to the acidity level in these drinks varied between 1.6 percent and 5 percent; with RC Cola leading at a pH level of 2.387, Cherry Coke ranking second at a pH of 2.522 and Coke at the third position with an acidic level of 2.525.

However, there are many researchers who are not in consent with the results of this study in terms of practicality. They contradict these findings in view of various variables such an individual’s style of eating and drinking, type of soda and the level of the same in the particular drink being consumed. Although there is discrepancy amongst researchers over the extent of tooth corrosion caused by soft drinks, they all agree upon the adverse effects of these drinks on the general condition of the teeth owing to the acids incorporated in them.

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How Much Acid Is In Soft Drinks




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