How To Grow A Herbal Tea Garden ?  

If you are tea drinker, then think about growing your own herbal tea in your backyard. Not only will this give you fresh tea everyday, you will also be able to make your garden look attractive with the wide varieties of herbal teas. In addition, you can also experiment by combining different flavors and enjoy one of the most wonderful and satisfying cups of tea in the world.

So, how to grow a herbal tea garden? The process is not very difficult. You will need to first get the seeds of the herbal tea plants. This can be purchased online or from the local nursery. You should be looking to grow herbal tea plants like mint, lemon balm, chamomile, lavender, thyme, spearmint, rosemary, catnip and lemon verbena. Also, some types of flowers, like marigold, rose and violet, can be used to make fragrant herbal teas.

The soil pH should be neutral. In case the climatic conditions in your region are warm, plant the seeds directly into the soil. Otherwise, you should first grow the seedlings in a container that has proper drainage. In the warm weather, you can keep these containers outside. 

Make sure that the plants get ample sunlight and water. Use an organic fertilizer once a month. However, dilute the fertilizer to half its strength before using it.

Once the growing season begins, you can keep harvesting the plants. This is especially true for plants that are budding. Based on the kind of herbal tea plants you have planted, you will be harvesting leaves, flowers or seeds.

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How To Grow A Herbal Tea Garden





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