Foods To Eat To Stop Diarrhea  

If the symptoms of diarrhea persists for more than a few days with no sign of a bacterial or parasitic infection, then doctors suggests having BRAT or a BRATTY diet to get respite from diarrhea. BRATTY signifies Banana, Rice, Applesauce, Toast, Tea and Yoghurt.More...

Natural Diarrhea Cure

Natural Diarrhea Cure

There are many causes for diarrhea. However, some of the common causes of diarrhea are enumerated below:



  • Inadequate foods
  • Drinking too much liquids along with food
  • Incorrect diet
  • Contaminated water
  • Eating stale food
  • Unhealthy and unhygienic environment
  • OvereatingMore...



Home Remedy For Diarrhea

Home Remedy For Diarrhea

Simple diarrhea results in dehydration which one can overcome with rest and intake of extra liquid to make up the losses. There are certain home remedies which usually physicians suggest if the case is not that serious to call for a medical assistance. The common home remedy which normally all the physician recommends is adhering to BRATTY or BRAT diet.

Pediatricians also recommend BRATTY diet for diarrhea in children. Ingredients that make up BRATTY diet are Banana, Rice, Applesauce, Toast, Tea and Yoghurt. In the BRAT, tea and yoghurt are absent. These ingredients when taken in combination help in reducing watery bowel movements and firm the stool formation. More...



Causes Of Frequent Diarrhea

Causes Of Frequent Diarrhea

The ingested food stays in a liquefied form for the major part of the digestion process. At the fag end of the digestion process in the large intestine the liquid part is absorbed by the body and the residual is ejected in a solid form as stools. When the food and the fluid are not properly absorbed, it leads to a digestive disorder commonly known as diarrhea.

The other few reasons for dysentery could be poor sanitation conditions. Few developing countries have inadequate water purifying systems. Unclean water can be one of the reasons for developing infections. Therefore, one is advised not to consume water or take ice in their drinks in such places.More...



What Causes Black Diarrhea ?

What Causes Black Diarrhea

Presence of blood in the stool is termed as black diarrhea. This presence of blood in the stool could be due to many reasons. It is for sure that black diarrhea is not a symptom of irritable bowel syndrome. The change in the color of the stool is because of the fact that the content of the iron in a black diarrhea changes.

The color black indicates that the iron content is more. The bleeding can occur anywhere between the esophagus to small bowel and colon hence, when a patient visits a doctor he normally gets a thorough check of the patient done. Various tests are being carried out to ascertain the actual cause of bleeding.More...




What-Causes-Diarrhea      The recent report from the WHO reveals that globally around 3.5 million of deaths are occurring due to diarrhea and about 80 percent of the affected are children below 5 years of age. It has been noticed that children are more prone to diarrhea because even a little amount of loss of fluids leads to dehydration as compared to adult. More..




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