Treatment For E Coli  

Well, as everyone says, the best method for any E coli disease is to ask for a doctor. Get the diagnosis done with optimal correctness, because it is very important to recognize whether the person has actually been affected by the E coli bacteria or not.

Take the doctor’s advice. If the doctor is not readily available, purchase a good antibiotic like amoxicillin or any other medicine with the same combination of amoxicillin and yes, do not forget to follow the full course, else you may suffer from the same E coli infection later on because there are chances of E coli bacteria being present in your body. But nevertheless a doctor certainly may give you additional therapy to beat the problems of E coli.

However, though it is believed that there are no proper cures for E coli infection and this generally gets cured by maximum about a week or so and without causing any long term problem. Some health studies believe that medications may add to the risk of developing post diarrheal Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (D+HUS). The recent studies suggest that E. coli O157:H7 firstly hastens blood coagulation which may lead to future medical treatment which could prevent the severe consequences. However, most people, who do not develop D+HUS, normally get well within a period of two weeks.

Cure for HUS is generally from mild to intensive depending on quantum of infection. Children generally stay in the hospital for minimum of 2 weeks and aged personnel stay longer for a more severe course of medicine. There is no particular way to cure D+HUS, medical therapy, careful watchfulness along with fluid and electrolyte intake is the key.

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Treatment For E Coli




What-Is-E-Coli      Escherichia coli in the shortened version known as E coli which is a bacterium found in the lower intestines of animals and birds. E coli are known as necessary bacteria that live in the intestine and help in digesting food. However, if the bacteria are consumed, it can be very dangerous. E coli enteritis is caused due to inadvertently intake of the bacteria causing the small intestine to inflame. More..




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Treatment For E Coli )
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