Where Is E Coli Found ?  

A study was conducted to find out on the occurrence of E coli O157:H7 in farm animals in 29 countries in 2003. The report suggest that, E coli O157:H7 could be isolated from 2.8 percent of goats, 3.6 percent of pigs, 5.2 percent of sheep, 5.9 percent of dairy cattle, 13.8 percent of beef cattle and in addition over 7 percent of pest fly also tested positive for E coli O157:H7.

Four major sources of E coli bacteria transmission are food, water, animals and Humans.

Foods that are sources of infection are mostly:

1. Ground beef, venison, sausages
2. Uncooked salami
3. Unpasteurized milk and cheeses
4. Fruit nuts and berries
5. Spinach, cabbage and lettuce
6. Unpasteurized apple juice and cider
7. Alfalfa, parsley and radish sprouts

Meat normally becomes contaminated at the butcher shops, when the contents of animals’ intestines and feces contact the body. That is why cleansing is a must to do.

Fruits that come in contact with animal, especially cattle, feces at farms can also contract E coli.

Swimming pools, shallow lakes etc needs to be purified properly to avoid contamination and reuse.

Recent studies suggest that inhaling dust particles could be a potential cause of getting E coli infection. The mode of transmission from these dust particles are mainly at agricultural fairs, zoos, and farms.

E coli O157:H7 bacteria and other pathogenic E coli are believed to mainly exist in the intestines of cattle, but there have also been cases of them being present in the intestines of chickens, deer, sheep, and pigs. The genesis of E coli dates beck to 1982 as a food borne pathogen during an epidemic of hemorrhagic colitis linked with intake of infected hamburgers.

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Where Is E Coli Found




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Where Is E Coli Found ? )
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