Hepatitis And Foods  

Hepatitis A causes viral infection in the liver. In the United States, almost 80,000 people die as a result of infection from Hepatitis A each year. However, in the recent years this rate has reduced dramatically, ever since the Hepatitis A vaccine was discovered and came into existence in the 1995.

It is a contagious disease and gets transmitted within a group. It spreads through fecal-oral agent or through infected food and water. Outbreak of Hepatitis A through contaminated food with virus is a most common factor of spreading of Hepatitis A. It has often been noticed that infected people when handle food spreads the virus quickly. In this category fall food handlers, cook, waiters and other people who are engaged with food processing. The incubation period of this type of virus is generally two to six weeks hence the period after fourteen days of infection is the most peak time for the virus to spread.More...



Is Hepatitis A Contagious ?

Is Hepatitis A Contagious

The answer to a common query that whether hepatitis A is contagious is affirmative. It is considered to be a communicable disease which affects the liver. It is not a chronic disease, but has the ability to move from a mild illness to a severe one which may even stay for many months. It occurs from consumption of infected food and water, and gets transmitted from person to person through physical contact.More...



What Is The Difference Between Hepatitis A B C ?

What Is The Difference Between Hepatitis A B C

Hepatitis A is caused by getting in contact with feces which are contaminated. This generally occurs when we consume food without observing healthy cleaning habits after toilets. You can also get infected after getting involved in anal sex either with a male or female partner.More...



Discovery Of Hepatitis A

Discovery Of Hepatitis A

Identification of hepatitis A and B viruses was first done during the Second World War. People understood the preventive measures to avoid it however, during that time there were no cure available to treat this nuisance. It was finally Dr. Feinstone in 1973 along with his team noticed and discovered a virus in the feces of those volunteers who were infected with Hepatitis A and proved that immunity towards such agents grew considerably in these volunteers.More...







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