How Long Does It Take To Get Food Poisoning ?  

The time taken for a food to start poisoning would depend on the type of food consumed. There are few foods which once taken in start showing the symptoms of food poisoning immediately within a few minutes and there are few which could take a day or two. Usually food poisoning lasts for at least ten days. There are namely two varieties of food poisoning the fast developing and the slow developing.

Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridium botulinum are the two types of bacteria which starts its action very fast within a few hours of digestion. The former one is generally contracted via sandwich spreads, seafood, meat, salads and those foods which possess more salt. The entrance of these bacteria is via nose, throat, skin and any external sore. After the food settles down and digested within four to six hours the bacteria starts activating. The indications of this variety of food poisoning are nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The Clostridium botulinum can be traced in marine sediments, fish, plants and soil they can live in a place that has small amount of oxygen and makes spores and heat sensitive toxin. This kind of bacteria is contracted via canned foods and the indications are respiratory problems, blurred vision and can be fatal.More...


Where Is Salmonella Found ?

Where Is Salmonella Found

Salmonella bacteria is a name given to a cluster of closely related 2,000 bacteria that resides in the intestinal tracts of human, other animals and even in birds. Human gets infected with this type of bacteria through consumption of food that is contaminated with these bacteria.More...



Food Hygiene Safety In The Kitchen

Food Hygiene Safety In The Kitchen

Remember your kitchen is the source of all you eat. Keeping this powerhouse clean would help you to stay healthy and evade all kinds of food borne diseases. It is in your kitchen that all the bacteria and germs might take birth in case if they find suitable conditions. So, if you do not want them to take birth in your kitchen, then you must adhere to certain important food safety norms. Your kitchen should be a clean place to prepare and eat meals.More...


How Is E Coli Spread ?

How Is E Coli Spread

No particular statistic is available for E. coli O157:H7. However in a year approximately 20,000 cases usually occur in the United States. Additionally, this is also most commonly found in Canada and is being ever more recognized in Europe, South Africa, southern regions of South America, Australia and Japan. Hence we may consider it as a global problem.More...


Listeria And Raw Milk

Listeria And Raw Milk

Listeria occurs due to the presence of Listeria monocytogenes in the soil and water. These bacteria have the ability to spread into the vegetables which have been grown in soils that have been fertilized with manure infected with these bacteria. Animals without showing any indications of being infected can also be the carrier of these bacteria and can contaminate animal foods like dairy products and meat.More...


What Is Botulism Toxin ?

What Is Botulism Toxin

Botulinum toxins are used by dermatologic surgeons for cosmetic use to treat unwanted lines in the facial area. This was first developed in the year 1987. Prior to this in the 1980s these toxins were utilized for the treatment of few muscular disorders such as lazy eye and frequent uncontrolled blinking.More...


Cause Of Dysentery

Cause Of Dysentery

Dysentery is a transferable disease. It can pass from one member of a family to other. The main reason of dysentery is unhygienic conditions. Quite often people forget to wash hands after using public toilets and then use the same hands for other purposes. The infection caused due to dysentery results in diarrhea. This infection stays for around four to five weeks.More...


How To Prevent Staphylococcus ?

How To Prevent Staphylococcus

To avert possibility of Staphylococcus infection from happening it is practical to recognize the reasons which facilitate this organism to enter human body and act as pathogen in blood circulation or tissue structures. Few of the causes of getting this type of infections are through an open wound or a cut.More...


Hepatitis And Foods

Hepatitis And Foods

Hepatitis A causes viral infection in the liver. In the United States, almost 80,000 people die as a result of infection from Hepatitis A each year. However, in the recent years this rate has reduced dramatically, ever since the Hepatitis A vaccine was discovered and came into existence in the 1995.More...


How Is Shigellosis Passed To People ?

How Is Shigellosis Passed To People

Shigellosis an infectious disease can be passed on to people without even any symptoms present. A minimal amount just 10 are sufficient to get transmitted to others. It is most commonly transferred by those who handle food and are infected by these bacteria. People who are infected and possess unhealthy habits are likely to transfer these infections.More...


Foodborne Diseases Associated With Cheese Manufacturing

Foodborne Diseases Associated With Cheese Manufacturing        Cheese is a solid food made by coagulating the milk of cows, goats, sheep and other mammals. This is the most popular milk product used widely around the world.

        There are hundreds of cheese varieties. Some important ones include cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, American-style cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, paneer, Parmesan and Roquefort.More...





Natural-Diarrhea-Cure      There are many causes for diarrhea. However, some of the common causes of diarrhea are enumerated below: More..




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